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[av_testimonial style="1" nav="false" pag="true" auto="true" interval="20000"][av_testimonial_item textstyle="smtext" title="Privaat klient" complink="#" textpos="text-center"]I recently had the privilege of consulting with Dr Rudi Labuschagne.
My sessions with him were the best investment that I have ever made.
Dr Rudi is professional, compassionate, insightful and knowledgeable. He has an amazing ability to bring new perspectives to the table.[/av_testimonial_item][av_testimonial_item textpos="text-center" textstyle="smtext" title="Lex Petousis" position="CEO" company="Vineyard, Townhouse & Oude Werf Hotels"]Dr Rudi Labuschagne has been working with our group for two years.
He has done extensive work coaching executives, managers and some of the shareholders.
This work has proved invaluable to us in aligning processes and people in a professional way. The Family (shareholders) too have benefited greatly in alignment of values and creating a business purpose.
On a personal note, I cannot recommend Rudi highly enough for the value and insights he has brought to me at various levels. We look forward to a healthy working relationship with Rudi, into the future.

[/av_testimonial_item][av_testimonial_item textstyle="smtext" title="Adriaan Basson CA (SA)" position="National Manager - Audit Graduate Recruitment" company="DELOITTE" textpos="text-center"]Dr Rudi has been an integral part of our team’s personal development strategy for many years. He provides individual, customized coaching for our managers,
and from time to time we ask him to facilitate sessions where we address issues relating to the corporate culture in our team (which consists of 25 people).

On a personal level I have known Rudi since 2012. Rudi’s focus on authenticity has resonated with me, especially the awareness of how our value and belief system
drive our behavior. Through our journey together I have grown as a person and I can comfortably say that he has helped me to become a better leader.

Rudi has the wonderful gift of delivering straight-shooting feedback with kindness, warmth and compassion.
I would highly recommend an introductory session with Rudi to see if his approach strikes a similar chord with you.[/av_testimonial_item][av_testimonial_item textpos="text-center" textstyle="smtext" position="Senior Legal Advisor" company="Insurance Industry" title="Private"]
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  • Are values driven
  • Motivate leaders to take responsibility and make a difference
  • Strengthen capacities for change
  • Respect the interconnectedness of systems and complexity
  • Drive empowerment of self and others
  • Understand and value diversity
  • Encourage innovation and co-creation
  • Value transformational and inspirational leadership

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Our mission is to empower leaders and their businesses to thrive.

[/av_tab_item][av_tab_item family="fontawe" title="Find out what drives Dr. Rudi" icon="fa-thumbs-up "]PURPOSE
My purpose is to help people thrive, by encouraging and guiding them to take charge of their own lives and be the best possible authentic version of who they can be. I contribute by being supportive, loving and compassionate. I have a talent for helping people shift their paradigms.

I value beauty and harmony and has an attitude of gratitude.

My heroes are the enlightened masters who walked this earth and all people that treat themselves, nature and other human beings as sacred. In a best friend I look for authenticity, loyalty, love and laughter.

My best qualities in personal relationships are love, support, and loyalty.

I dream of a world where love is the supreme guiding principle. A transformed world where peace, harmony, joy and abundance are the norm. I would be inspired to work in an organization that values integrity, trust, truth, respect, compassion and responsibility. I would be proud to be associated with business leaders that are prepared to be guided by the inner voice of their soul and not merely by their ego`s. I get excited about the idea of conscious businesses who not only compete but also strive to co-create a better world.

My mission is to empower leaders to thrive.[/av_tab_item][/av_tabs]

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