Call to Action

If ever there was a good time to make the changes you always dreamed of, it is now. It is the year ‘20plenty’. The year of new opportunities. Your time has come. This is your opportunity to create the sort of life that brings you freedom, joy, and fulfillment. As someone once said, “if death finds you, may it find you alive”. 
We have just entered an exciting new decade on the planet that will probably go down in history as the decade of radical change and transformation. The old is dying and a new era is dawning. We already see some changes happening. There is a growing consensus that we have to find better ways of dealing with each other, as well as with the resources and other sentient beings on the planet. That calls for a new way of being human. It requires inner transformation. It requires a desire to break free from the old paradigm. Above all, it requires a willingness to face our fear of change and let go of the old.


Change is an inside-out job. It starts from within. The problem is that we are running on outdated programs. We cannot build a new life based on an old and outdated program that is still running the show. We need an upgrade. To paraphrase Einstein, “you cannot solve a problem at the same level of consciousness on which it was created in the first place”. It is just like your old phone, which cannot do what your smart new smartphone can do because its IOS (internal operating system) is outdated. That is why cell phones are upgraded regularly. The same applies to computers, and to our own lives.

Whatever aspect of your life you are struggling with at the moment, be it relationships, money, career, health, raising your children or trying to find purpose and meaning in your life, chances are that you are struggling because you are running an outdated program that simply fails to help you solve your problems. As a result, you keep ending up at the same dead-end street, which leaves you feeling, desperate, sad and hopeless. You may be in need of a new IOS.


Your IOS comes into play when you are faced with some kind of crisis, because that is when you rely most on your IOS to provide solutions. Everything you have been taught about God, life and yourself is programmed onto your IOS. The real challenge is when you realise that your old beliefs and approaches are not working anymore. Although this experience may be bewildering, it is an important phase since you will never be able to change anything in your life until you surrender to the fact that, this time around, you need a new solution to an old problem. Your old IOS is failing you.

At that moment you become open to learning new things, and that is when change begins. It is often said that, when the student is ready, the teacher appears. Stop doing the same thing in the same way, expecting a different result. In fact, that is Einstein’s oft-referred to description of insanity.