Beyond Executive Coaching

Wisdom is not a product of schooling, but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.
Albert Einstein

Rudi was fortunate to serve as an Executive Coach and Leadership Development Consultant to CEOs and senior management for over a decade. During this time, he became very conscious of the unique challenges and needs of CEOs and business leaders. It seemed to him that, the closer one got to the top leadership position in an organisation, the more difficult it was to achieve and maintain a healthy balance and a general sense of wellbeing. He also noticed how difficult it often was for such leaders to not compromise on following their own True North in finding meaning and purpose in their lives and careers.

At this point in his life, he wants to continue to serve CEOs and leaders who need objective input and advice from a thinking partner, a master coach and a trusted advisor, in other words, from someone with the necessary qualifications and life experience who can help them to amplify their contributions and leverage their accomplishments for further organisational success. For leaders, there is enormous value in having access to someone whom they can partner with to find innovative solutions for all the challenges they may encounter on a personal, relationship or professional level.

This service goes beyond executive coaching. It is about guiding clients to tap into their own inner wisdom to overcome their individual, relationship and career challenges. This wisdom also translates into a higher quality of leadership that is hugely beneficial for their career path. In short, the aim is to empower clients to thrive within the safe context of a relationship that is built on trust, collaboration and connection.

A valuable resource

Despite often being apprehensive about collaborating with a coach or a mentor, CEOs and leaders are starting to see the importance of having access to a to an individual whom they can trust and who works discreetly behind the scenes. By virtue of their position, leaders are often called upon to make difficult decisions. Rudi sees his role as someone who can act as a sounding board in such situations without compromising their integrity.
Research shows that many major CEOs and leaders, such as Warren Buffet, Richard Branson, and Steve Jobs, had and continue to have trusted advisors. It is a cherished relationship. Not only do they call upon their trusted consultant for occasional advice, but they can even be in regular contact with them to discuss whatever is on their minds.


Rudi Labuschagne is an expert on human behavioural development and leadership and has in-depth experience of the impact of this on individuals, teams and organisations. He holds degrees in psychology, theology, and counselling, and has a doctorate in leadership with a focus on performance and change. His intuitive and strategic approach, underpinned by sound theoretical and practical experience, has had and continues to have a positive impact on the lives of many leaders and teams, and optimises the performance of organisations.

He is currently engaged academically as an online faculty member in the leadership module of an MBA program at Milpark Business School and has moderated numerous MBA dissertations. In addition, he has developed study modules on leadership, organisational behaviour and change. He has worked as a coach, consultant and facilitator in a variety of industries, including mining, finance, hospitality, real estate, education and health.

Rudi has a solid grasp of the theory and practice of organisational behaviour. He views organisations as living and complex systems, and makes every effort to understand the context and dynamics of an organisation before undertaking an intervention. He is well-informed about the potential positive impact that exponential rather than linear thinking has on business success and is inspired by Exponential Organisations (EO) that generally outperform traditional companies.

Rudi is an enabler of transformation. He utilizes his strategic thinking abilities to guide leaders of transforming organisations to be at the forefront of innovation and to stay current, especially during volatile times when change is the only constant.


Over the years that Rudi has lectured on the leadership and change module he has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the students. His attention to detail, knowledge of the leadership field and how he relates this to practice is invaluable.

Head of Department, Milpark Business School

Dr Rudi Labuschagne has been working with our group for two years. He has done extensive consulting and coaching with executives, managers and some of the shareholders.

His work has proved invaluable. He guided us to align with our values and to create a business with a purpose. I cannot recommend Rudi highly enough for the value and insights he has brought to us at various levels.