Big Shift Coaching

Not many people are aware of the internal programs running our lives. Like our mobile phones, we also have an IOS (internal operating system) that determines how we manage life. The reason why we struggle to create the kind of life we desire is that we have outdated programs running within us. We cannot build a new life based on an old and outdated program running the show. We need an upgrade. To paraphrase Einstein, “you cannot solve a problem at the same level of consciousness on which it was created in the first place”.

Whatever aspect of your life you are currently struggling with, be it relationships, money, career, health, raising your children, or trying to find purpose and meaning in your life, chances are that you are struggling because you are running an outdated program that fails to help you solve your problems. As a result, you keep ending up in the same dead-end street, which leaves you feeling desperate, sad, and hopeless. You probably just need an upgrade.
It will be my privilege to help you replace your outdated internal operating system. During our individual coaching sessions (online or in-person), we will uncover whatever is preventing you from living a fulfilling, inspiring and balanced life.

This program is not a quick fix. It requires commitment. I will partner with you on this journey and provide you with a safe and inspiring space to make the necessary changes and reach your goals. I will empower you with practical strategies to help you create a life of balance, harmony and abundance, and I will simultaneously act as your coach, mentor, trusted friend, and spiritual advisor.


Rudi`s approach is great. Especially the ability to meet in person and online has been invaluable in ensuring that we continue to meet regularly. I particularly appreciate how he has led me to where I can make my own decisions, based on honest and open feedback and increasing my awareness around things I should be thinking about. I have always felt comfortable discussing any issue with him.

I would definitely recommend Rudi. He has helped me to identify, understand, and address several challenges most positively and honestly.

Civil Engineer, 34

Dr Rudi is kind, soft-spoken, approachable, understanding, and empathetic. Although he is kind and approachable, he is also firm in his guidance, and although his guidance is sometimes challenging, it is always good.

I would definitely recommend him because he helped me get out of a deep dark hole. He changed my life for the better. I can cope now.

Retired Teacher, 69

Rudi has a way to connect with you on your level. He can quickly and accurately sum up a situation and provide insight into the mechanics at play, as well as giving guidance as to the best way to handle it or interpret it. His advice is presented in an understandable format and practical – something that you can easily remember and refer back to if needed. It is comforting to know that you have someone in your “corner” – someone who “gets you” – someone who provides independent, valuable, practical guidance on any topic, situation, or level. Dr Rudi is that person for me.

Financial Advisor, 47

Rudi is a phenomenal life coach, business advisor and a great friend. He has helped me through my darkest of times, and supported me during my toughest challenges, both in my personal and business capacity.

I see Rudi as an extension of my team, and part of the family, and I know that he is always there to support and guide me, no matter what the challenge ahead.

I love how Rudi listens. Using guiding questions and prompts, he allows you to understand your challenges and figure things out together, rather than being told what to do or what not to do.

Rudi is my anchor, and I always know that, with him on my side, I can take on the world. For this reason, I would recommend him to anyone and everyone who needs support.

Entrepreneur, 34